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Albert Shagimardanov

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Albert Shagimardanov, a Singapore based violin teacher, began his musical journey in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, at the prestigious Uspensky Music School for gifted children. His passion for violin brought him to Singapore in 1999, where he performed extensively with his family of musicians. Albert further honed his violin playing skills at the Royal Conservatory of Gent, Belgium, under the guidance of Prof. Michael Kugel, and later at the Conservatorium Maastricht, Netherlands, with Professor Robert Szreder and Professor Henk Guittart (string quartet). Now based in Singapore, Albert shares his love for the violin through teaching and performing in various orchestral and chamber groups, as well as solo recitals. As a violin instructor, he offers violin lessons for beginners and advanced students, focusing on optimal technique, musical understanding, and stage performance.

Violin Strings
Violin Strings
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