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Albert Shagimardanov

The method is focused on three main branches of a violinist's development: The two hands and the mind that operates them.
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The method is focused on three main branches of development: The two hands and the computer that operates them.

The main functions of the left hand such as intonation, shifting and vibrato rely mostly on muscle memory and automation during performance.  Exceptions are related to interpretation and include slide shifts and expressive vibrato.

80% automated

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Occupies most of the mind's resources during performance and is directly tied to interpretation. Is in a state of constant adjustment and therefore cannot be automated through muscle memory.

20% automated

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The development of the mind consists of two aspects. The conscious relates mostly to creative problem-solving and is the bread and butter of mindful practice. Equally important however is the cultivation and maturing of the unconscious/intuitive mind.  Intuition guides the logic in making musical decisions.

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