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Albert Shagimardanov

Albert Shagimardanov violin Shadow
Albert Shagimardanov on stage
The method is focused on three main branches of a violinist's development: The two hands and the mind that operates them.
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The left hand controls pitch and requires artful control and stability.

Here we will discuss the nature of intonation, and discover secret techniques to shifting and master vibrato.

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The mind of a violinist is both a problem-solving  machine and whirlpool of creative imagination; a computer and a kaleidoscope.


Here we will discuss questions of interpretation, practice techniques, and the art of performance


Occupies most of the mind's resources during performance and is directly tied to interpretation. Is in a state of constant adjustment and therefore cannot be automated through muscle memory.

20% automated

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The method is focused on three main branches of development: The two hands and the computer that operates them.


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